A Music Bot That Creates Magics

Thanks For Inviting Shards

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    Searcher Shards Allows Users To Search And Play Any Songs From YouTube Based On The Top Match For The Query Given In The Play Command.

  2. 2

    Lag Free Shard's Singing Quality Is The Best. Shards Will Always Ensure That He Sings The Highest Quality Audio To His Audience.

  3. 3

    Premium Quality You May Enjoy Premium Quality Service Without Paying For It. Shards Provides Premium Quality Audio And Functions To Every User. Shards Also Online 24/7 Except Maintenance Break.

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    Smart Music Player You May Tell Shards Which Song You Wanted To Play By Music Name Or The Exact Music Url You Wish To Play.

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    Voting Features You May Vote Your Favorite Songs Using Shards Bot. Top Voted Songs Will Be Listed On Our Music Leaderboard.

Extra Features
Shards Bot Provide Extra Features To Users

Music Is The Main Feature Of The Shards Bot. He Sing Any Song You Like For Free. No Ads And Lag Free.


Shards Bot Not Just Sitting There And Sing The Song You Like To Listen. He Also Helps You To Do Giveaways.


Shards Can Entertain You With Some Simple Games Like 8ball And Many More Wating For You To Explore.

Why Inviting
Shards Bot


We Use VPS To Host The Bot And This Means That The Bot Will Online 24/7 Except Maintenance Break. Click The Button Below To Learn More About Shard's Status.

Improve Your Server

Your Server Members Can Interact With Each Other In Voice Channel. For Example, Singing And .etc

Easy To Use

No Setup Required. It Only Takes One Command to Make Shards Plays Music.